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What to Expect at Your First Yoga Class

Here in Australia, over 2 million individuals participate in yoga in some variance of the practice. If you’ve just started or are thinking about starting your yoga journey, you’re in great company!

For starters, congratulations on adopting a new form of self-care, personal development, and bodily movement! The benefits of a regular yoga practice are nothing short of extraordinary.

Of course, like any new endeavour, attending your first yoga class can feel a bit intimidating. Whether you’re brand new to the entire process or just new to the studio, we’re here to dissolve that discomfort that comes with newness and set you up for the best experience possible.

So what can you expect at your first yoga class with Prana Yoga and Wellness? Follow along to learn everything you need to know, from booking your class to completing your first session.


First things first, you’ll need to choose the class and payment that is right for you. With membership options and multi-class packages, your yoga practice can be both consistent and affordable. 

For beginners, our live beginner’s yoga class on Monday evenings at 7:30 is a great place to start. The teacher works specifically with new and returning students to form a solid understanding of the yoga postures, provide hands-on adjustments, and explain pranayamas (breathing exercises). 

If a group class is feeling a bit too far out of your comfort zone, you may benefit from taking advantage of our pre-recorded beginners course. This course walks you through the postures, pranayama’s, and meditation techniques and is instantly available in a digital manual format for you to keep.

Looking for a bit more guidance? Try out the one-on-one format with the introductory private lessons package. You’ll receive 3, 30-minute private classes to build a strong foundation and boost your confidence for class. 

If you decide to choose a membership or multi-class package, just be sure to purchase that option first. You’ll then receive a code to enter into the classes you wish to book and can schedule away with ease. 

What to Bring

Here at Prana Yoga and Wellness, our studio is fully set up with everything you need, however, with continuous changes in restrictions and extra health measures due to Covid-19, we suggest using your own props wherever possible. 

If you already have a yoga mat, bolster, and blanket, bring these items along with you to class. Not only does this keep you and our other students safe and healthy, but using your own belongings can help you take your yoga connection beyond the studio as well.

If you don’t have a mat or props yet, worry not! You can borrow our mats, bolsters, and blocks for your class. Just be sure to bring along your own towel to place over your bolster or blanket.

What to Wear

The apparel for a yoga class isn’t necessarily a crop top and ultra-tight leggings. The purpose of wearing stretchy, ‘workout’ style clothing is to keep you cool during movement and allow for movement without restriction. 

With this in mind, choose your apparel for class based on items that allow for movement, make you feel comfortable, and won’t be a distraction during class. 

Try to avoid anything that needs adjusting or ‘pulling up’ to allow you to fully sink into class without worrying if your skin is showing. 

Attending Your First Class

Parking for the studio is located behind the building in the spaces marked ‘reserved for Prana Yoga”. If these spaces are full, you can also find parking in the public lot, just 100 meters towards the beach. Please refrain from parking in the Mornington Peninsula Health (formerly Samsara) facility spaces as they are reserved for their own customers. 

When you arrive at the studio, you can leave belongings such as your keys in the entry. You’ll notice a place for shoes and a surface where you can leave your essentials. Whenever possible, we ask that you keep your valuable items such as your handbag or phone at home or locked in your car.

As a general etiquette, no phones or unnecessary belongings should be brought up to your mat. This will allow you to be fully present and leave your day behind for 60-minutes of pure self-care. 

When you make your way up the stairs to our beautiful, sacred space, you’ll find mats already placed in accordance with social distancing regulations. You can select whichever spot feels the most comfortable to you and roll out your own mat (if you have one) on top of the studio mat. 

Our teachers are all attentive and welcoming, however, we encourage you to introduce yourself to your teacher and let them know it’s your first class. 

Being a part of your first introduction to yoga is an incredible honour and we want to share the experience with you too! Beyond this, we’ll have a chance to check in with you on any injuries you may be working around and offer more verbal queues and adjustments to help you feel comfortable. 

Your teacher will also help you select the props you may need for the class ahead and get you settled for a fantastic experience. 

After Class

When class wraps up, all yogi’s chip in to keep the studio and props clean and safe. Spray and wipes are brought out so you can wipe your own mat and props and have them ready for the next yogi to use. 

While you pack up your mat, your teacher will bring out tea for the class to share. This is a great opportunity to get to know fellow students and establish a sense of community. We encourage all yogi’s to stick around after class for this short tea, however, we understand if you have another commitment to run out for.

Tips From Your Fellow Yogi’s

Our students and teachers can all agree that getting through the door for your first class is the hardest part. Once you’ve experienced the welcoming community we’re so proud to host, you’ll discover a whole new love and commitment for yoga. 

We encourage you to remember that no one is judging anyone ability at a yoga class in Dromana. We believe in listening to our bodies and only taking your practice as far as your ready for. This doesn’t mean you are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ at yoga, it means you are honouring yourself each and every class. 

Putting aside the time to come to class and feed yourself the love and attention you deserve is a big deal and we are so excited to be a part of it. 

After your first class, hold yourself accountable by investing in membership or booking your next class before the excitement fades. This will help eliminate the discomfort surrounding attending your first class again and keep you on track to build those healthy habits on and off the mat. 

How To Start Yoga

Now that you know what to expect, from booking to sipping your tea, it’s time to take the first step. Whether you schedule a beginners yoga class with fellow newcomers or start with a one-on-one approach, attending a yoga class in Dromana is accessible and beneficial for all.

Ready to attend your first yoga class but still have a few questions? Get in touch with us today to clear up any uncertainties and select the perfect option for your first yoga experience with Prana Yoga and Wellness. 

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