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Teacher’s Spotlight: Dave McIntosh

What does a yoga studio need to be great? Easy! A beautiful space, devoted yogi and yogini members, and of course, fantastic teachers!

That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to offer you a range of classes and styles by hand-picked yoga teachers who really get it. Today’s feature is the perfect example of a yogi who really sunk into the profound lifestyle of yoga. 

As our only male teacher at the studio, we wanted to really dive into what drove Dave to become a teacher and what he hopes to deliver with his classes. 

Ready to get to know Dave a little better? Follow along to discover his introduction to yoga, why he became a teacher, and his new offering at Prana Yoga & Wellness!

How Did You First Come to Yoga?

My first introduction to yoga was about 15 years ago. At this time, my yoga practice was really sporadic, attending every now and then when a friend invited me along. I enjoyed yoga but I hadn’t committed to a consistent practice just yet. 

Around 8 years ago, I went through a particularly tough time in my life. I tried meditating and found it incredibly difficult to quiet and calm my mind when I was so stressed. This is when I turned to yoga as a physical form of meditation. 

As I practised, I found that the breathing techniques combined with the physical postures began to reduce my stress and allow my mind to have moments of clarity and spaciousness. The more I practised, the stronger I became both mentally and physically. 

This strength combined with a calmer and quieter mind was the selling point for me and since then, I’ve used yoga as a valuable and essential tool in my daily life. 

What Have You Studied?

When I really dove into my yoga practice, I spent a lot of time trying out different studios and styles. My goal was to find a style that really suited my needs and gave me a comfort zone to really flourish in. 

My first introduction to Vinyasa was the perfect match for what I was looking for. The breath to movement combined with the strength and flow was the perfect mixture for my personal practice.  

As a surfer, these classes were a no brainer for me, offering a combination of flow, breath, mindfulness, and fitness that I could use both on the mat and in the water. 

I completed my 200-hour Vinyasa training and quickly sank into creating my own teaching style within the Vinyasa/Hatha umbrella. 

What Can Students Expect in Your Class?

For me, yoga is so much more than an ‘on the mat’ practice and I strive to help my students realize this through my classes. 

The first step to this is reconnecting with the body, mind, and breath. Through pranayama exercises and guided meditation, I help my students sink into the yoga space and bring awareness to their practice. 

As the class progresses, we focus on staying in the moment and bringing the mindfulness you unlocked during class to the rest of the day. As you move your muscles, you’ll be reminded to bring awareness to the body and observe each little subtlety. 

We practice a mixture of gentle postures with strong flow to help you refocus the mind and break a little sweat!

If You Could Share Once Piece of Yoga Advice, What Would it Be?

It’s all about the breath! Breathe properly, breathe deeply, and breathe mindfully. 

Breathing is a necessity to life and something we do every moment of every day, yet so few of us are doing it properly. For myself, learning to control and tune into my breathing was absolutely life-changing. 

When it comes down to it, breathe is the driver of our life. Short shallow breaths, short shallow life. Long deep breaths, long deep life. Simple as that!

What Is Your Mission as a Yoga Teacher?

I want to create an environment where my students can experience the benefits of yoga just like I did. In essence, when I was at my lowest, yoga was my therapy. If I can share the knowledge I have gained over the years and help them through a difficult time, that would be my ultimate wish. 

I love teaching students of all abilities, life stages, and genders, however, I feel incredibly passionate about normalizing yoga practice for men. In today’s society, there is such a stigma around men practising yoga and many of them shy away for fear of being judged. Unfortunately, It’s actually men who need this practice the most!

I would love to be able to bring down some walls for those men and help them enjoy life more through yoga. If a surfer like me can do it, so can you!

What’s One Thing You Wish You Knew When You Started?

Yoga is not competitive. In fact, it’s much the opposite. Yoga is fully and completely self-indulgent. 

If you can go to class with no other objective than to invest in yourself, you’re on the exact right path. Your yoga is all about you.

Closing Remarks

As a yogi myself, my lifelong goal is to continually learn and study the endless teachings of yoga. Ultimately, when you come and practice with me, I strive to do my best to help you along YOUR journey and help you with your unique needs. 

Getting to Know Dave

Did you enjoy getting to know Dave a little better in this interview series? If Dave’s message spoke to you or you simply have loved his class at Prana Yoga & Wellness, you’ll be thrilled to hear that his weekly class is now open for bookings!

Join Dave Saturday mornings at 8:30 am for an hour of slow Hatha flow! Get in touch with your mind, body, and soul in this gentle, mindful class and build strength in your mind and body! 

Want to learn more about the class offerings at Prana Yoga & Wellness? Check out our class schedule today!

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